13 Things About Android “Cảnh báo vi rút” You May Not Have Known

To protect pertinent information in your devices is one of the very first things that you should be placing attention to. There are hundreds of applications available in the Web to keep your phones virus-free. Here are the 10 most important ones:


1. Lookout Mobile Security

The Lookout Mobile Security anti-virus application scans all your software apps on a daily or weekly basis. It mainly scans and cleans your mobile phones and alternatively, it maintains a back-up file of your valuable data. This is a free application but if you opt to purchase a premium account, which will cost you $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

2. Phone Spam Blocker USA

The Phone Spam Blocker USA protects yourself if you are getting spam calls or text messages. This app allows you to search suspicious numbers to report a new phone spam. As a whole, this app helps you to restore your privacy and to avoid your identity from being stolen.

3. Super Security

The Super Security application offers a cloud-based antivirus engine that provides a strongbox to hide your sensitive data. Its features cover a wide range, including an anti-malware tool, a task manager and a missing device-find back tool. This app can be downloaded for free in the Web.

4. Anti-Virus Laser

This is an action puzzle game that allows the user to delete viruses by controlling the laser beam and frying the viruses before they reach out. The user can upload his score and check his world ranking. This app has a free version which covers 10 levels.

5. SmrtGuard Mobile Security

The SmrtGuard Mobile Security is another application that protects your Android “Cảnh báo vi rút” phone from viruses. This app is combined with other security features like anti-spyware and anti-spam to secure your mobile phone. Its other features are Remote Lock, Find Phone via GPS, Audio Ping, Call Blocker and SimCard Guardian. This free anti-virus application also secures a wireless backup.


6. AntiVirus Free

AntiVirus Free is a basic mobile anti-virus application that scans and cleans your Android phones and protects them against viruses and malware to ensure integrity of your data. Moreover, this app blocks spam messages, filters problematic files and folders and deletes them.

7.AVG Antivirus

The AVG Antivirus application scans and deletes all viruses and malware in your mobile phones. This app also helps locate lost devices via GPS and helps protect your Androids from SMS spammers.

8. Aegislab Antivirus Free

This is an anti-virus application and phone security tool that identifies malware in the market and helps find suspicious transmission of backgrounds that causes potential bills for users.

9. Aegislab Antivirus Elite

This application, which is previously known as AppScan Beta, is a mobile security tool that offers real time and manual scanning for viruses. In addition, this has a remote lock and remote data wipe feature for missing devices.

10. Dr. Web Anti-Virus

Recently, Dr. Web has released an Android version of their anti-virus. This application helps protect your phones from viruses and malware. Its features include a high-speed scan, a reliable resident protection, a flexible configuration, a minimum system load, a user-friendly interface and a protection from unwanted incoming calls and SMS. This application is available for free download in the Internet.

It is good to know that most of the basic anti-virus applications are available for free in the Web. Protecting information is a critical issue nowadays and these anti-virus applications have clearly made significant contributions in making lives easier and safer for Android users.